Can Blockchain , DAG help maintaining ethics in Business by increasing TRUST

Can Blockchain , DAG help maintaining ethics in Business by increasing TRUST

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Recently, I went through this article

Initial Reaction :

Apple too !! why do companies play dirty with “TRUST” of their customers (read bread & butter)? Do others companies follow same tricks taking shortcut of their “Business Growth”?

Observations :

Apple customers take it granted that they are paying for BEST product/services with highest quality, whereas they are being cheated !

Problem :

TRUST is diminishing from our society 🙁

Opportunity :

What is the solution of this distrust ?

Thoughts :

Can we leverage new technology e.g. Blockchain, DAG, AI to reduce possibility of “distrust” ?


Yes , as long as we are buying something that has value in any form and TRUST being the foundation of that transaction, there is a strong Usecase applying Blockchain and eventually AI. Blockchain means TRUST and AI can maximize it.


Do You Agree ?

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