CTT Big4 News Azure Recently #MS016

CTT Big4 News Azure Recently #MS016

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AWS, IBM, Google & Azure – the Big4 Cloud Service providers are improving and introducing very frequently and it is hard to keep up to date ourselves without single source of information. Hence, in this series, we intend to address most important recent news of Big4 Cloud Platforms. You may save your valuable time by not searching recent updates of these cloud platforms from different individual websites. We hope, you will find this series interesting. Please visit specific Cloud provider news that you are interested in as following.

Enhancements to NSG flow logs for Azure Network Watcher

There is enhancements to network security group (NSG) flow logs for Azure Network Watcher. These enhancements are available in version 2 of the logs. They include per-flow throughput statistics, so you can understand flow session state and the associated number of bytes and packets transferred.

The version 2 configuration of NSG flow logs is currently available only via the Azure portal and REST API in the West Central US region. Microsoft is in the process of rolling out these changes to all Azure regions. There will be no impact to existing NSG flow logs or Traffic Analytics customers.

Azure HDInsight is now available in China North 2

Azure HDInsight is now available in China North 2. In total, three regions are available in China: China East, China North and China North 2. 

Azure HDInsight is a fully managed cloud service that makes it easy, fast and cost-effective to process massive amounts of data. Customers can use the most popular open-source frameworks, such as Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Interactive Query (LLAP), Kafka, Storm, HBase and Microsoft R Server. 

Azure JavaScript libraries preview release

Microsoft has launched first preview release of Azure JavaScript libraries generated from the Azure REST API specs using AutoRest. This release adds support for isomorphic JavaScript libraries with TypeScript definitions that work on both server and client (browser). The new libraries are released under @azure scope and package names are in the following pattern: @azure/arm-<servicename> (for Azure Resource Manager libraries) and @azure/<servicename>.

You can find the new repository on GitHub. The current plan is to release a stable version of the Azure JavaScript libraries by the middle of next year. After the stable release of Azure JavaScript libraries, the Azure node libraries will be deprecated. 

Azure Event Grid, Event Domains are in preview

Become your own event publisher with Event Domains, a feature that allows you to manage the outbound event flow of your application. Use the same tooling and architecture that Azure services (such as Azure Storage) use to publish their events. Event Domains handle the authorisation and authentication around subscribing to events within your Event Domain on a per tenant basis and can manage massive numbers of parallel tenants while continuing to provide the reliable routing and delivery already available in Event Grid. This is a unique feature that Azure Cloud offers. 

Announcing Bot Framework SDK and Tools 4.1 Release

Bot Framework SDK version 4.1 includes the Bot Framework Emulator, the Web Chat V4 and version 4.1 of the C# and JavaScript SDKs. With version 4.1 of the SDK and tools, the team is focusing on periodic releases of the SDK and tools for bot development.

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