CTT Big4 News Azure Recently #MS018

CTT Big4 News Azure Recently #MS018

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AWS, IBM, Google & Azure – the Big4 Cloud Service providers are improving and introducing very frequently and it is hard to keep up to date ourselves without single source of information. Hence, in this series, we intend to address most important recent news of Big4 Cloud Platforms. You may save your valuable time by not searching recent updates of these cloud platforms from different individual websites. We hope, you will find this series interesting. Please visit specific Cloud provider news that you are interested in as following.

In this article, we will explore latest Azure Recently. So, lets jump on the updates.

Azure API Management update

Microsoft started a regular Azure API Management service update. It includes the following bug fixes, changes, and new features:

  • Improved security of the “Invite User” feature. Bug that allowed password change for the invited user without providing a current password is fixed.
  • Improved security of the “Try It” feature. A 2-MB limit on the size of files uploaded on the Try It console in the developer portal is enforced. Now secrets are again hidden by default and the “reveal” button works as before.
  • Bug fixes in the developer portal. An issue that caused some of the active subscriptions to not show up in the portal is fixed. Also, a name change in the user profile is now immediately reflected in the portal.
  • More robust OpenAPI import and export. Now correctly roundtrip parameters of type “file is happening.” Schema handling is optimized, so operations of creating or modifying schemas perform much better, especially when they’re large.
  • MSI support in China and US Gov regions. Customers in those regions can now use TLS certificates stored in Azure Key Vault.
  • Analytics reports in the Azure portal. The same reports that were available in the publisher portal are now also available in preview in the Azure portal. 
  • A new version of the .NET SDK. It uses a stable 2018-01-01 API version and includes a few changes.

Note that updates are deployed gradually in batches, and it usually takes a week or more for every active service instance to receive them.

Azure SQL DB Managed Instance recommendation for Database Migration Assistant

Azure SQL Database Managed Instance SKU recommendation for Database Migration Assistant is now available in preview.

Expand the scope of environment assessments to migrate legacy SQL Server instances to Azure SQL Database Managed Instance with the new Azure SQL Database SKU recommendation functionality. This feature is used in conjunction with Database Migration Assistant to recommend the proper cloud database service tier and sizing configuration based on an existing on-premises workload. This functionality is provided free of charge.

User-assigned managed identity support for App Service on Linux/Web App for Containers

Managed identity support for App Service and Azure Functions now supports user-assigned identities for Linux, along with managed identities for App Service on Linux/Web App for Containers (both in preview).

Using the managed identities for Azure Services and expanding on the generally available support for system-assigned identities on Windows, you can now configure identities for Linux apps, both for Azure Functions and App Service (in preview). User-assigned identities are also now supported for both OS platforms in preview.

Azure Functions—Key Vault integration

Azure Functions triggers can now rely on Key Vault, allowing you to put more secrets under management. It was common practice to store keys, secrets or passwords on the app setting in the Function App or to programmatically retrieve those values from Key Vault from code. Now, use a reference to a Key Vault value from Functions app settings, which will be based on the ID and version of that value. This makes it easier to manage sensitive data, as it is now centralised on Key Vault and to build more secure applications using Functions.

Power BI service update

The latest update to the Power BI services includes the preview of dataflows and paginated reports in Power BI.

Power BI already includes robust self-service data preparation capabilities in Power BI Desktop through the familiar Power Query-based experiences that are used by millions worldwide. With the new preview of dataflows in Power BI, self-service data preparation has been greatly improved, enabling business analysts to create data preparation logic that can be reused across multiple Power BI reports and dashboards and linked together to create sophisticated data transformation pipelines. Dataflows can be configured to store the data in the customer’s Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 instance and dataflows support the Microsoft Common Data Model, giving organisations the ability to leverage a standardised and extensible collection of data schemas (entities, attributes and relationships).

Long-time BI customers with investments in SQL Server Reporting Services can now include pixel-perfect paginated reports alongside to Power BI’s existing interactive reports. This provides a unified, secure, enterprise-wide reporting platform accessible to any user across devices.

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