CTT Big4 News – Google Recently #GCP001

CTT Big4 News – Google Recently #GCP001

Hello Friends, welcome to CTT news – Big4 Recently

In this series, we intend to address most important recent news in most popular 4 Cloud Platforms from AWS, IBM, Google & Azure. This will help you to stay up to date about all these 4 cloud platforms from ONE source. You need not to waste your time searching for recent updates of these cloud platforms across internet. We hope, you will find the article interesting. Please visit specific Cloud provider news that you are interested in as following.

In this article, we will explore Google Recently

Preventing Accidental VM Deletion

From 11-Jan-18, GCP VM can be marked with VM Deletion Protection. This will help you to avoid accidental deletion of critical resources. These VM instances might need to stay running indefinitely so you need a way to protect these VMs from being deleted. You just need to set a “deleteProtection” flag true. Please read on VM Deletion Protection for more technical detail.

Two more new GCP Regions

GCP has introduced a new European region, called europe-west4 and another North American Montréal region called northamerica-northeast1. Both contain Skylake zones that are now available to all projects and users.

Please visit GCP Regions and Zones for detail information about total 14 regions till now.

Reserving a Static Internal IP Address

GCP VM instances now can have static internal IP address. Also, existing VM instances which already have temporary internal IPs can be promoted to static internal IPs. Though there are few restrictions, such as you cannot change internal static IP when it is assigned to a VM , You can only reserve up to 200 static internal IP per project by default. Etc.

Cheaper GCP Skylake platform

Skylake platform no longer incurs a premium charge. Prices for 96 vCPU machine types have been updated to reflect the removal of the Skylake premium. Skylake platform is Google Cloud platform supporting Intel’s next generation Xeon processor, codenamed Skylake. Following price will apply from now on.

Machine type Virtual CPUs Memory Price (USD) Preemptible price (USD)
n1-standard-96 (Beta) 96 360GB $4.5600 $0.9600

Few BETA services have been introduced

There are few BETA features have been recently introduced in GCP platform, such as

Creating a VM instance from an instance template: This feature allows to create VM instances from exisiting instance template. Default behaviour is to create a VM instance that is identical to the properties specified in the template, except for the VM instance name and the zone where the instance will live. Alternatively, certain fields can be modified during instance creation if you want to change certain properties of the instance template for specific uses.

Deploying Containers on VMs and Managed Instance Groups:  To deploy and launch container on a Compute Engine VM or a managed instance group, Docker image name is required and need to configure how container should run when creating a VM or an instance template. Compute Engine will take care of the rest including supplying an up-to-date Container-Optimized OS image with Docker installed and launching the container when the VM starts up.

Mega-memory machine types: Mega-memory machine types are ideal for tasks that require intensive use of memory with higher memory to vCPU ratios than high-memory machine types. These machines types are perfectly suited for in-memory databases and in-memory analytics, such as SAP Hana and BW workloads, genomics analysis, SQL analysis services, and more. Mega-memory machine types have 15 GB of RAM per virtual CPU.

Currently, mega-memory machine types are only available in the following regions:

  • us-central1 (Iowa)
  • us-west1 (Oregon)
  • asia-east1 (Taiwan)
  • europe-west1 (Belgium)

Mega-memory machine types are available in Private Beta and require additional signup.

Viewing Autoscaler Logs: When you enable autoscaling, the autoscaler makes scaling decisions based on the specified options. Each of these scaling decisions are logged by Stackdriver Logging and can be seen in Logs Viewer.

Using the Logs Viewer, you can see events related to:

  • Resizing an instance group. If the autoscaler resizes an instance group, the resize is described in the autoscaler logs.
  • Changes in autoscaler status. For example, if the autoscaler was working as expected but then encountered an issue, the change in status would be described in the autoscaler logs.

Note, all the BETA services are not covered by any SLA or deprecation policy and may be subject to backward-incompatible changes.

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