CTT Big4 News Google Recently #GCP002

CTT Big4 News Google Recently #GCP002

Hello Friends, welcome to CTT News – Big4 Recently

AWS, IBM, Google & Azure – the Big4 Cloud Service providers are improving and introducing very frequently and it is hard to keep up to date ourselves without single source of information. Hence, in this series, we intend to address most important recent news of Big4 Cloud Platforms. You may save your valuable time by not searching recent updates of these cloud platforms from different individual websites. We hope, you will find this series interesting. Please visit specific Cloud provider news that you are interested in as following.

In this article, we will explore latest GCP Recently , lest start GCP updates.

Managing Instance Access Using OS Login

The OS Login API and key management feature is now Generally Available, dated 24-Jan-2018. Compute Engine IAM roles can be used to manage SSH access to instances. This new feature gives more granular control over which users can connect to respective instances. This will introduce more control on what instances users can access, and what level of permission they have.

Alternatively, instance access can be manually provided by adding and removing SSH keys in metadata.

GPUs on Compute Engine

GCP has introduced graphics processing units (GPUs) in the asia-east1-a and us-east1-d zones. Now, GCP supports GPU instances with up to 416 GB of memory. Compute Engine provides NVIDIA® Tesla® P100 and K80 GPUs for instances in passthrough mode so that virtual machine instances have direct control over the GPUs and their associated memory.

GPU models are available in the following stages:

  • NVIDIA® Tesla® P100: Beta
  • NVIDIA® Tesla® K80: Generally Available

GPU instances cannot live migrate and must terminate for host maintenance events. These maintenance events typically occur once per week, but can occur more frequently when necessary.

There is not much further update from GCP this week, but stay put and visit next time for more GCP news. Feel free to visit other Big4 Cloud Service Providers news under Big4 Recently category if you are interested on AWS , IBM Cloud and Azure.

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