CTT Big4 News IBM Cloud Recently #IBM004

CTT Big4 News IBM Cloud Recently #IBM004

Hello Friends, welcome to Big4 Recently

AWS, IBM, Google & Azure – the Big4 Cloud Service providers. In this article, we will explore latest IBM Cloud Recently.

WebSphere integration with Open Liberty and IBM Cloud Private

As organizations increase their pace of digital transformation and the transition to a hybrid cloud world, WebSphere offerings can help facilitate this pace of change with our quarterly cadence of continuous delivery enhancements.

IBM Cloud Private provides a private and integrated IaaS and PaaS cloud environment, built on open source frameworks. Included are platform technologies that enable cloud native development and application modernization. WebSphere Liberty and WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment provide integration with IBM Cloud Private, including package installation with Helm, the Kubernetes native package management system. For more information, refer to the IBM Cloud Private V2.1 announcement.

Open Liberty is a Java EE Full Platform compliant application server, and is the same code used in the commercial WebSphere Application Server offerings. The commercial offerings include additional functionality and full IBM Support. Open Liberty  is not only available as open source software, but it is moved the development into the open community as well, so you can actively participate – or just follow along.

Of course, the Continuous Delivery (CD) of Liberty continues, including both and (the latter of which became available in December). The key functionality delivered in these CD updates includes:

  • The full implementation of MicroProfile 1.2, which facilitates the creation of Java applications based on Microservices.
  • Improvements to the Liberty Maven and Gradle build tools
  • A number of Java EE 8 features
  • Other runtime updates, including support for the OpenAPI v3 spec, Transport Security providing dynamic SSL filters, request timing thresholds on a per-application or per-servlet level, support for SSL communication between Liberty and MongoDB, Authentication with Social Media credentials, and more
  • As well as a number of your Requests for Enhancement (RFEs)

Watson Visual Recognition – Changes to Face Model

Watson Visual Recognition team is making a number of changes to the service

New Face Model Beta
A new Face Model is now available in Beta and features significant accuracy enhancements for age and gender estimates.  The new Face Model Beta will exist alongside the current Face Model GA version until April 2, 2018, when the Beta version will replace the current GA version. Instructions for accessing the Beta can be found here.

Celebrity Model Deprecation
The Celebrity Model will be deprecated on April 2, 2018. Part of the current GA version of Face Model, the Celebrity Model is a sub-feature that allows users to recognize a number of specific celebrities in photos. As part of broader effort to provide more robust capabilities around face imaging, is being retired this feature to drive greater development efforts around face imaging capabilities.

Sneak Peek: Broader Service Changes
IBM will be announcing a number of changes to the Watson Visual Recognition service at Think 2018, IBM’s flagship conference on March 19-22. These updates will include new feature capabilities, developer tools, and user experience changes. Register for the conference and find more information about our event sessions here.

5 Steps to Link your IaaS and PaaS Accounts

A couple of months ago, IBM released a way for you to streamline your IBM Cloud experience. Essentially, IaaS customers, who also have PaaS accounts, can now link IaaS and PaaS for an easy to navigate, single view of your accounts.

When you merge your accounts, you only manage one invoice through one login giving you access to a more robust service catalog. Together, you can explore 170+ PaaS and IaaS services which include popular IBM services such as Cloudant NoSQL DB, Watson Conversation, IoT, and Availability Monitoring. Additionally, get hands on with 3rd party services such as Twilio, PubNub, and SendGrid. Sound good?

Follow these steps to get started (est. time 7 mins):

Step 1 Switch to your IBMid

Step 2 On your SoftLayer Portal Account Summary Page select: “New! Link a Bluemix Account”

Step 3 Review the terms.

Step 4 Select “I understand and agree to the terms above.”

Step 5 If your IBMid has an associated PaaS account you’ll be directed to an auth page, then back to the final “link” confirmation step. If you don’t have an associated PaaS account, you’ll see the screen prompt below to create a new one.

This is a big step towards simplifying how you manage your account so that you get more from IBM Cloud. Have questions? Submit a support ticket, contact sales via live chat, or login to read FAQs.

IBM Cloud Compose for Redis available with TLS encryption

New Compose for Redis instances on IBM Cloud now have TLS encryption enabled allowing greater security for your blazing fast in-memory data structures and caches.

Using TLS encryption means your connections, commands, and data are made safer from interception on the internet. TLS is the standard that took over from SSL for securing web connections and it is also referred to as TLS/SSL or SSL/TLS. IBM has made TLS encryption support the default for new Redis services. You can, though, still configure Redis without TLS by selecting an alternative plan when creating your Redis instance.

Twilio expands the number of services on IBM Cloud

Twilio is very happy to announce our expanded partnership with IBM, bringing five new custom integrations to IBM Cloud.  With Twilio and IBM, you’ll be able to build communications into your Web app without worrying about provisioning and maintaining servers.

Five new Twilio integrations on IBM Cloud

Twilio and IBM now provide five integrations which make common communications use-cases simple to spin up on IBM.  IBM Cloud now includes three communications integrations and two security integrations, covering the following Twilio products and solutions:

  1. Programmable SMS
  2. Programmable Voice
  3. Programmable Video
  4. Verify
  5. Authy

Each new Twilio integration comes with complete documentation and a custom Node.js Starter Application. There are other supported languages like PHP, Python, Java, C#, and Ruby.

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