CTT Big4 News IBM Cloud Recently #IBM016

CTT Big4 News IBM Cloud Recently #IBM016

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AWS, IBM, Google & Azure – the Big4 Cloud Service providers. In this article, we will explore latest IBM Cloud Recently.

What’s Included in the IBM Cloud Developer Tools Version 2.1.12

With this release, the deploy command now extends its IBM Cloud Private support to IBM Cloud Private 3.1. There are no changes to the configuration in cli-config.yml or the actual use of the command. 

Further, deploy now provides simplified support of deployment to namespaces in IBM Cloud Private other than the default namespace. When you specify the deploy-image-target, either through the cli-config.yml or interactively through the command line, specify the namespace to use. Make sure that when you configure your client, the kubectl setup on the client uses the same namespace. 

Tools container root user override

In this release, we’ve added a new cli-config.yml option to allow forcing the tools container to use the root user on Linux and Mac, rather than the operating system user on the host system. By default, when you build or otherwise use the tools container, the user from your local workstation is injected into the container. This ensures that any files created in the use of the tools container will also be usable outside of the container on your system.

With this new option, the root user will be used instead in the tools container. You can specify this on the command line with --use-root-user-tools or in the cli-config.yml as below:

use-root-user-tools : true

IBM Cloud Security Advisor is Generally Available

IBM Cloud Security Advisor is now generally available. IBM Cloud Security Advisor enables centralized security management through a unified dashboard that alerts security admins to issues and helps them understand, prioritize, manage, and resolve the issues related to their cloud applications and workloads.

Security Advisor is built on an open architecture to unify critical vulnerability and network data as well as application and system findings from IBM Services. In addition, there is a preview of network analytics service—powered by IBM X-Force and security research teams—to warn of traffic from bad domains or clients. Key Security Partners with cloud security technology are invited to integrate to unify visibility and management. Finally, Custom Integrations are defined by our customers to point to other consoles or incorporate security findings generated by these custom tools.

By centralizing the visibility of all your key security technologies and enabling drill down to resolution, Security Advisor empowers the security admin to manage security on IBM Cloud.

Security Advisor solves common problems to provide help for security administrators. The service combines information across many existing tools to simplify the security management process for users new to cloud. This also unifies the investigation process across business teams, who can immediately begin using the pre-integrated services. These teams will then benefit from the IBM expertise in identifying issues. Security Advisor also includes remediation steps to fix issues after the initial investigation.

Available in this release

  • Dashboard prioritizes Key Risk Indicators for at-a-glance alerting to new security issues
  • Easier sorting of Findings by source or date of occurrence
  • Include your own security provider or services to unify your security management and visibility
  • Preview of Network Analytics to identify risky domains and clients
  • Simple integration with IBM Security Partners, including NeuVector
  • Support for US-Dallas and EU-London regions

IBM Cloud and Portworx: Use Kubernetes to Run All Your Data Analytics Workloads

Kubernetes is the fastest growing open source project of all time, and for good reason. Developed initially at Google with learnings gained from running large-scale systems like YouTube in containers, Kubernetes enables IT teams to automatically manage the entire application lifecycle, no matter if those apps are running in the cloud or on-premises.

But Kubernetes itself can be difficult to install, update, and manage. That’s why IBM Cloud provides a managed Kubernetes offering, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service. The Kubernetes Service delivers powerful container tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security for rapid delivery of applications that you can bind to cloud services related to IBM Watson, IoT, DevOps, and data analytics. As a certified Kubernetes provider, IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling, service discovery and load balancing, automated rollouts and rollbacks, and secret and configuration management. The Kubernetes Service also has advanced capabilities around simplified cluster management, container security and isolation policies, the ability to design your own cluster, and integrated operational tools for consistency in deployment.

While the ability to automatically stand up and run a Kubernetes cluster is powerful, there has historically been a gap in the Kubernetes landscape: persistent storage and data management for stateful apps like databases, big data workloads, and AI/ML workflows. In other words, Kubernetes is great, but if you can only use it to manage stateless apps, then you are removing the bulk of enterprise applications that IBM has helped enterprises operate for decades.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and Portworx

To provide a solution for these types of workloads, IBM has worked with Portworx, an IBM Business Partner, to offer a Kubernetes storage and data management solution that is designed to take advantage of IBM Cloud network-attached block storage as well as new software-defined-storage-enabled bare metal servers. Portworx is also a great option for IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Private for Data.

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