CTT Big4 News IBM Cloud Recently #IBM019

CTT Big4 News IBM Cloud Recently #IBM019

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AWS, IBM, Google & Azure – the Big4 Cloud Service providers. In this article, we will explore latest IBM Cloud Recently.

Introducing New IBM Cloud Container Registry Domain Names

New domain names in IBM Cloud Container Registry

IBM Cloud Container Registry is adopting new domain names to align with the rebranding of IBM Cloud for a better user experience. You also now have the ability to use IAM policies for more control over access to your registry resources. The new domain names are shown by location in the following table:

Existing domain name New domain name
registry.ng.bluemix.net us.icr.io
registry.eu-gb.bluemix.net uk.icr.io
registry.eu-de.bluemix.net de.icr.io
registry.au-syd.bluemix.net au.icr.io
registry.bluemix.net icr.io
New!! jp.icr.io

The new domain names are available in the console and the CLI beginning February 25, 2019. You can use the new icr.io domain names now. The existing bluemix.net domain names are deprecated, but you can continue to use them for the time being, as an unsupported date will be announced later.

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service Available in Mexico City

IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service is a managed Kubernetes offering that delivers powerful management tools, an intuitive user experience, and built-in security and isolation to enable rapid delivery of applications, all while leveraging Cloud Services and cognitive capabilities from Watson. IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service provides native Kubernetes capabilities like intelligent scheduling, self-healing, horizontal scaling, service discovery and load balancing, automated rollouts and rollbacks, and secret and configuration management. IBM is also adding capabilities to the Kubernetes Service, including the following:

  • Simplified cluster management with HA masters and multizone clusters
  • Container security and isolation choices
  • The ability to design your own cluster
  • The option to leverage other IBM Cloud services, such as Watson for your cognitive applications
  • Completely native Kubernetes CLI and API
  • Integrated operational tools or support to bring your own tools to ensure operational consistency with other deployments

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig is Available in Frankfurt

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig goes live in Frankfurt, Germany

IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig is a fully managed, enterprise-grade monitoring solution on IBM Cloud that provides increased insight and faster incident resolution via a simplified data collection approach. The solution is optimized for modern container-based applications, and it collects and aggregates data across infrastructures and services. It offers administrators, DevOps teams, and developers full stack telemetry with advanced features to monitor and troubleshoot, define alerts, and design custom dashboards.

Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of IBM Cloud Monitoring with Sysdig in the Frankfurt, Germany multi-zone region. Keep an eye out for additional expansion to additional MZRs in the upcoming months!

Liberty for Java Buildpack Now Contains Two Liberty Production Runtimes

Changes to the Liberty for Java buildpack

The Liberty runtime is moving from a quarterly to a four-week release cycle. As a result, the buildpack will release new functions and fixes quicker.

Users of the Liberty for Java buildpack will notice a few changes to the Liberty versions packaged with the buildpack:

  1. The buildpack will now contain an additional production version of Liberty. It will continue to provide the latest release but will also provide a constant default version for approximately three months.
  2. The monthly beta version of Liberty will no longer be part of the Liberty for Java buildpack.

How do I use the latest four-week release?

Two environment variables must be set in order to change the default Liberty runtime to the four-week release:


JBP_CONFIG_LIBERTY = 'version: +'

Introducing IBM Cloudant Partition Queries: Faster, Cheaper, and More Scalable

The adoption and growth of the IBM Cloudant Lite and Standard plans that we introduced to the IBM Cloud in 2016 have been incredible. However, our customers have a few common requests, with one of the biggest being that the queries request class is too expensive and it’s hard to use a data model that makes use of the cheaper lookups request type.

The info behind partition queries

Partition queries cost up to 20x less and significantly improve response times over global queries. With this new feature, customers can decide at database creation time whether or not to create the database with partitions. Partitioned databases will require a partition key for every document in the database. A partition in a Cloudant database is a logical grouping of documents that can be queried together by specifying the partition key at query time. Common partition keys could include usernames, IoT device ID’s, or locations. Partitioned database documents also have an _id field, but the _id field is in two parts—the partition key and the document key—separated by a “:” character:

Querying a partitioned database with a partition key can be done against MapReduce view, search, or Cloudant Query indexes. See the database partitioning documentation for more details on how to leverage this feature and what makes a good partition key in IBM Cloudant.

You can continue to scale your Cloudant instances on demand in blocks of:

  • 100 reads/sec
  • 50 writes/sec
  • 5 global queries/sec


IBM Cloudant partition queries beta is immediately available for all newly deployed instances in all six major IBM Cloud locations of Dallas, Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, and Sydney. In the coming weeks, we will GA the feature and enable it across all IBM Cloudant environments. If you have any questions, please reach out to support and we will be happy to help you make use of partition queries in your application.

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