Welcome Friends !

Welcome Friends !

Welcome to Clouds Tech Talk, CTT.

It is nothing like it if we can add some value to our society by any means. It is really honor that we are doing our part of adding value to this world by sharing our knowledge. Sole purpose of building this site is to share knowledge about Computer Technologies specifically which are built on Cloud platform. CTT team want to support and contribute our knowledge, experience across globe. Our objective is to educate others about recent cutting-edge technological trends available with renowned Cloud Providers e.g. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, IBM etc. Please follow our Social links to have more knowledge about our contributions. Also, we share our knowledge and information about any other technologies, software, computer programming, various tips and tricks to facilitate your day to day experience with this Technological era.

CTT team members have wide variety of experience in Information Technology Industry. We have been developing multiple Software products since decades. CTT team have motivated creating educational material and will support our Friends who are willing to learn about modern technological trends.

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Author: Dhrubo

I am passionate about sharing Knowledge , Information and wisdom what ever way is possible. This is small contribution to our society from my part. I am a Programmer and love to architect and modernize IT infrastructure / solution / applications for my clients.

I am sharing my experience what I have gained so far via CTT and will keep doing so in regular basis. This is the whole purpose of founding this Knowledge Center for Cloud Technologies.

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